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24/7 Support
MAJOR TECHNOLOGIES offers 24/7 tech support on ALL computer or audio-visual
equipment for the entire duration of the rental.  You are paying for the use of equipment
all day/everyday, why shouldn't we do the same for you and be here to assist you
anytime -  day or night?  All equipment is thoroughly tested and configured prior to the
professional delivery to your hotel, meeting or trade show to limit any potential equipment
We offer a custom configuration that allows you to have the software YOU need loaded
the way YOU want it.  Don’t let other companies tell you “it can’t be done” or “that isn’t
something we do.”  At MAJOR TECHNOLOGIES you can be assured that whether you have
five computers or hundreds, all systems can be pre-installed with your SPECIFIC image.
In the rare event of equipment malfunction, our experienced technicians will resolve the
issue ON-SITE or exchange the item the same day.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Our goal is to
eliminate your downtime and keep your show or meeting operational 100% of the time.
On-site Services
Wired or Wireless, at MAJOR TECHNOLOGIES we can do both for you at reasonable rates.
Our Technicians will network all equipment according to your specific requirement.  We
will network server to client workstations, laptops, desktops and/or printers.  Our expert
staff will be with you from the time of delivery/setup to the tear down.  Part of our
24/7-support guarantee.
Custom Configurations
Tech Support
PO Box 781983
Orlando, FL 32878

Phone:  407-382-6410
Fax:       321-248-0470
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